Features of Polyes Q1 SLA 3D printing pen

Polyes Q1 SLA 3D printing pen
Polyes Q1 SLA 3D printing pen


Future Makes Technology LLC said it is willing to take them to the 3D printing pen to start, and the company is in the process of seeking funding from the grip of the Community.

They named it as Polyes Q1, and that is quite different from the other 3D compression spring instead of the molten plastic wire to cure with stereo lithography technology (SLA) to photosensitive resin.This 3D compression spring free liquid resin flows from the extruder and a UV light is also raised to cure and hardening of the material. It can solidify such user gets its 3D object.

The speed of the resin flowing through the nozzle is controlled by a key which is attached to the spindle. The key can be pressed to control the resin. It has a LED display that can show the level of power remaining in the left of the pen. The company says that its jurisdiction includes a sensor, a level sensor title, which cuts UV light when the camera is tilted on the working guidelines.


With this pen, we can easily get a car model no software input. A fancy pattern to the hull of your mobile phone can be easily formed with this 3D compression spring. If you want to decorate your wall or desk, or to produce a series of cartoon character, 3D printing pen will be used to do all this work.

Future polyes Q1 3D printing pen has great battery operation, which means no compromise power cord to the application of the material. The company says a single battery charge provides 40 to 60 minutes of continuous use, and the unit has been tested to work with a number of multi-coloured resins – some of them glow in the dark.


Without a period of “cool” Aside from the safety factor resin Currently, there is no smell in question because it hairpin future be using PLA or ABS thermoplastic, release and curing the resin used in the Q1 polyes radiates cured no smell or possibly harmful fumes. The output is so cool; in fact, the company says that children can “draw patterns on the body. “Future Technology says they also plan to launch 3D printers and pens in the near future.

Their Kickstarter campaign of his life “since before Christmas,” and that in this campaign for the first 100 supporters early versions of the device for $ 59,. The agreement contains a polyes rod Q1 and three standard colours.

When the Kickstarter campaign is over, says the future the pins will be available for $ 119.

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