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Richa Chadda was born on 18th December 1986 to a non-Sikh family. Her birthplace is Amritsar, Punjab. Her father is the owner of a management firm and her mother is the professor of political science. She was brought up in Delhi and after completing her schooling and completed a diploma in Social Communication Media from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Richa Chadda’s Career

Richa Chadda started her career as an actress after debuting in a small role in the comedy film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye in 2008. She has also worked as a supporting actress in so many films. She won a Filmfare award for her role in the film noir gangster saga Gangs of Wasseypur in 2012. Richa played the role of a bellicose and extremely foul-tongued wife of a gangster.

In 2015, she made her debut in the leading role-playing of a girl who was caught after indulging in casual sex in the Drama movie Masaan. This film gave another milestone in Richa’s career. She has done a variety of movies, theatre dramas, and OTT series.

Richa Chadda’s Personal Life

In 2006, Richa Chadda directed and written a 20-minute documentary film called “rooted in hope”. Then in 2008, she participated in a contest named “Gladrags Mega model Contest”. After that, she came into Bollywood and started doing acting as a career. In an interview, she revealed that she had Bulimia that is related to an eating disorder. After proper medication and willpower, she recovered. She is in a relationship with the Actor Ali Fazal and they both reside in Mumbai.

Richa Chadda’s Interests

In an interview, Richa Chadda says that overthinking is her hobby, which she also calls stupid. Although, she doesn’t have a specific hobby, being an actor is her passion, and whatever she does is considered a hobby. Her work keeps her busy, therefore, she does not keep a hobby as such. But still, it is believed that writing is her hobby.

Richa Chadda’s Off-Screen Work

When we talk about Richa Chadda’s off-screen work, she is very much involved in charity and helping. In 2014, she posed as a mermaid for the people to help them with the ethical treatment of animals ad campaign. By this ad, she tried to encourage people to avoid eating fish, meat, etc., and go vegetarian. She had also walked the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week and performed in a play named Trivial Disasters. Also, she has been seen in PETA ads, supporting vegetarianism. In 2015, she represented India at the 18th Marrakech International Film Festival.

Richa Chadda’s Net Worth

According to the resources, Richa Chadda is excelling at winning people’s hearts. Her net worth is around 5 Billion as of 2021.

Full NameRicha Chadda
Date Of Birth28th December 1998
FatherSomesh Chadda
Net Worth5 Billion

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