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Steve jobs was born on 24 February 1955 , and he died on 5 Ocober 2011. In 1957 Paul and Clara adopted Job’s sister Patricia and the family moved to Mountain View, California in 1961. It was during  this time that Paul built a workbench in his garage for his son in order for the love of mechanics. Steve jobs said his father ‘s craftsmanship because his father knew how to built anything. If we need cabinet he would build it. My father gives me a hammer so I could work with him.

When he was ten he was involved  in electronics and befriended many of engineers who lived near his house . Steve Job had difficulty making friends with his  own age, As jobs had difficulty functioning in a traditional classroom and tended to resist authority figures, he misbehaved and he was suspended a few times. He was an American Information Technology entrepreneur and investor.

Steve jobs was chairman and chief executive  officer (CEO) of Apple Inc, and he was also the majority shareholder of Pixar Animation Studio member ‘ The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors following its acquisition of Pixar and Founder, Chairman and CEO in Apple Inc. In 1970 he widely recognized as a pioneer of the Microcomputer revolution and in 1980 along with Apple co- founder Steve Wozniak. After his death his biographer , Walt Isaacson described him as a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection : personal computers, animated movies, music , phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.

Steve jobs
Steve jobs

He’s countercultural lifestyle and philosophy was a product  of the time and place of his upbringing.  He has two close friends were the older engineering student Wozniak and his girlfriend.  Jobs and his friend Wozniak bonded over their mutual fascination with job’s musical idol Bob Dylan, discussing his lyrics and collecting tapes of Dylan’s concerts. Steve jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 to sold  wozniak ‘s personal computer. After this duo gained fame and wealth a year later for the Apple II, one of the first highly successful mass- produced personal apple computers.  And in 1977  Apple purchased Next , Steve Job to become the former’s CEO once again, he would return to Apple Company.

In 1997 It begins with” Think Different” advertising campaign, and he was worked with designer Jonathan Ive To develop line products like iMac, iTunes, iPhones, And app store iPad. Steve Job was Diagnosed with a tumor in 2003 and died , related of tumor on5 October 2011.

Personal Info

Name – Steve Jobs

Born – 24 February 1955

Died – 5 October 2011

Death reason – Pancreatic cancer and respiratory arrest

Nationality – American

Education – Homestead High School

Occupation – Co- founded, CEO of Apple, Chairman, Primary Investor, and CEO of Pixar

Board of member – The Walt Disney Company , Apple Inc,

Religion – Zen Buddhism

Wife – Laurene Powell

Children – Lisa Brennan, Reed Jobs , Erin Jobs, Eve Jobs

Parents – Paul Jobs, Clara Jobs


Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac points out that Schiller’s use of the word “courage” was likely purposeful and could perhaps be a subtle shout out to Steve Jobs’ own views on “courage” which were made within the context of Apple’s decision not to support Flash on the iPhone.

Jobs’ remarks on the topic, taken from his appearance at the D8 conference in 2010, read as follows:

We’re trying to make great products for people, and we have at least the courage of our convictions to say we don’t think this is part of what makes a great product, we’re going to leave it out. Some people are going to not like that, they’re going to call us names […] but we’re going to take the heat because we want to make the best product in the world for customers. And we’re instead going to focus our energy on these technologies which we think are in their ascendancy and we think are going to be the right technologies for customers. And you know what? They’re paying us to make those choices.

That’s what a lot of customers pay us to do, is to try and make the best products we can. And if we succeed, they’ll buy them, and if we don’t, they won’t, and it’ll all work itself out.

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