Features of Wireless headphones Beats Solo 2


Earlier this year I reviewed the Beats Solo 2 significantly improved sequel to one of the world’s most popular fashion headphones. I liked the Solo 2 and think it is one of the best in-ear headphones that cost may be around $ 200 (£ 170 AU $ 260), although it helps if you have an “exciting” sound profile zippier.

Why I’m not so impressed with the wireless Solo 2 that his brother is similar cable, but its weight a little more ,for the fitted some additional electronics and battery in the headset.


Well, for starters, is the price. This is a headset $ 300 – Taxation of UK and Australia has yet to be announced – that’s a lot to pay for headphones, wired or wireless. When you get in this price range, the expectations are usually rise and while you might not expect size you expect definitely something close to it.

The Beats Wireless Solo2 not get quite there. It is very good for a Bluetooth headset, but does not the “excellent” elder brother and most expensive brand of Apple, not to achieve the studio Wireless. ($ 380). The reason for this is partly because it is not as comfortable and partly because not sound so good.

To be clear, this does not mean that the Beats Solo 2 is a bad headphones. In fact, as I said, is very good in many ways. But there are definitely better wireless headphones for the money, including the studio Wireless.

Design and features

I usually do not spend a lot of time comparing a headset on the ear of a model on the ear, but I suspect that many people are trying to decide between Alone 2 Wireless and Wireless more compact large studio to decide.


Compactness has certain advantages. It is a lightweight headset, wireless and wrinkles studio and stored in a small package. Yes, it is good way, but not as easy as some competitors headset on the ear as Bose SoundLink-ear Bluetooth $ 250, £ 220 AU $ 329 (Bose is lighter by about 2.2 grams or 62 ounces) .dropoff windowWe should also mention that because two wireless Beats Solo offers a very comfortable fit – headphones stay securely on the head, even during operation – End Press slightly firm ears.


A good Bluetooth headset is one that sounds like a good wired headset and only 2 unsuccessful in this regard, many qualities has only two wired But you lose a little something to do wirelessly. It has a slightly more difficult and is not lower edge as clean and tight.

When I wrote my review of the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth-ear headphones, I said I liked the Bose, a little more, because the Bose offers a balanced sound with more warmth in the midrange. While only two actually lower, instruments sounded a little clearer in the Bose and the overall experience was pleasant to our ears.

He reiterated that the Beats Solo 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a strong – and his tone quickly, you can better some of the musical tastes of listeners – but we Bose came as a bit more. Sounds a little more clearly and openly.

Of course, the sound and aesthetic tastes from around the world is different, and some people are going to love both the look and sound of it better than the Bose beats.

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