android rooting
android rooting

Most of people think about …What is android rooting?

You might have heard about iphone jail breaking. Rooting is jail breaking for android. Rooting allows you to go deeper in the android’s sub-system. It gives you access to control the entire operating system; you can byepass any restriction by the custom ROM and overclock processor.

Need for rooting

Most of the people root their device to remove bloatware, which is impossible to uninstall. Some people don’t like device firmware and don’t like to use inbuilt application, by rooting you can uninstall or manage inbuilt applications and install such apps which require administrator permission. Rooting your phone makes you phone faster as it is free from unnecessary built-in apps. Some other benefits includes the full control of the CPU, Custom versions of Android, known as custom ROMs, allow additional levels of control on a rooted device. As Android is open source, anyone with the proper skills can create their own customized versions? These versions are often more feature-rich, more efficient, and better looking than standard OEM versions, which can be restrictive.


There are many reasons for which you can rethink about android rooting. First of all it will void manufacturer’s warranty, after rooting you can’t claim your device’s warranty. Often inexperienced user brick (make it useless by modifying it incorrectly) their phone, so rooting should be done by experienced user or by following proper guidelines. You should root your android carefully. Rooting Android device can lead to security risks. Based on what services or applications that you use on your device, rooting can make vulnerability.

Getting full access on your Android device can be exciting. You can tinker with the settings and customize your device. After rooting potential benefits for all Android users are improved battery life, no bloatware, just deep applications, overclocking, performance improvement, custom ROMs and the possibility of your phone if you want to update. Rooting is not for you if you do not have the prospect of these things which are thrilled.

Finally, if you think this is a worthy effort to root your phone, follow the instructions carefully. Then back up all your data with the software. Now you’re ready for the root. Install Custom Rom and recover the data. It’s as simple as that watching a video tutorial on YouTube. Use software such as Kingo root and Towelroot for rooting

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