HOW TO USE PLASTIC BOTTLES FOR DECORATION…..There are around 100 million plastic bottles that are used and are scrapped every day, with 80% of them naturally becoming non-biodegradable clutter. Although it is convenient to consume drinks straight out of plastic bottles, the debris that is acquired in the process takes a huge expense on the health of our environment. Plastic water bottles have a compelling carbon footprint, with the amount of water going into making a bottle being up to three times what’s inside the bottle. Besides, bottles used to package water take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade and, if carbonize, produce toxic fumes.


As reuse is a step up from recycling, reusing plastic bottles we already have is an exceptional habit to get into if we want to do our share to help save the environment. You will be amazed at how many opportunities for repurposing there really are, formerly you start looking for them. Usually when you’re done with that plastic drink bottle, don’t just fling it away, use it to make something astonishing. Check out these 7 low toll, creative and functional craft projects that will alter the courteous plastic bottle into everything from useful storage to great home decor.




You can make these beautiful, creative cups to store crayons, pencils and pens which super easy. Try this out, show your creativity and impress your kids.

2.Plastic Bottle Wall Hanging

You can decorate your home with the cutting of bottom of plastic bottles. Paint them and hang these in your rooms these will attract every person visiting your home and your house will look extremely beautiful and attractive.

3.Plastic Recycled Planter

Look at these cute planters. Cut the bottom of 2 litres plastic bottles likes these. Paint them with the colour of your choice. Draw the eyes and ears of the cat. Fill seeds and soil in it and hang them in your garden. Your garden will look extremely beautiful.

4.Plastic Bottle Piggy Banks

Recycling plastic bottles can save your money in one more way. You can make use of these plastic bottles to save money. Paint the entire bottle and decorate them. You can leave the bottle transparent.

5.Plastic bottleMobile charger dock

 Charge your phone easily and create a cell phone charging dock with plastic bottles or a lotion bottle, a marker and a box cutter. Try this, at making your life easier.

6.Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Do you remember the old days when the sprinkler was used to water plants and grass? You can also make a sprinkler using plastic bottles and recreate this memory for the new generation. You just need to poke holes in the plastic bottle and you have already done it. Your sprinkler is ready now.

7.Plastic Butterflies for room décor

These type of beautiful artificial butterflies will make your room a way more interesting and cute especially for teenagers. You can decorate your room, guest room. You can also stick it to a gift packing and make everyone attract towards it. Cut the bottle into butterflies, paint them, stick beads to it.

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