Why whatsapp is more popular than other messengers


Whatsapp messenger is very popular now days. Whatsapp uses your 2G or 3G or Wi-Fi network to send message to your friend and family members. It requires your postpaid or prepaid number to activate. We can send pictures, videos and many more things.

Some reasons that make popular to whatsapp than others messengers…

  1. Easy to use: whatsapp messenger is very easy to use than others messengers. We can easily operate this.

  1. No ads: WhatsApp Messenger has been upfront of “no ads” policy. When we use whatsapp messenger then there is not coming any type of ads. While using some others messenger’s ads are coming.

  1. Can be install in many phones: Yes it is right other messengers can be install only android phones or smartphones and window phones. But whatsapp messenger easily can be installing on android phones, smart phones, window phones, tablets, blackberry and some Nokia phones also. That’s why 500 million peoples are using whatsapp in now days and this counting increase rapidly.


  1. Lots of users: As we know about 500 million monthly users. About 320 million peoples log into the app daily. Whatsapp messenger is very popular in many countries like Europe, Latin America, all over Asia. In the comparison of other messengers whatsapp has highest user. Other messenger like Viber has 300 million users (including desktop also), Kik messenger has 60 million users and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has 50 million users. This app doesn’t take any extra cost for international chatting.

  1. New blue ticks feature: Whatsapp now tells you about when the messages have been read that you have sent. Double ticks say when the message has been delivered but now it turns blue when it is open on the recipient’s phone. This feature is being gradually rolled out on Android and ios across available for Ios, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian devices. This feature is not only for the individual chatting it is also available for group chatting.

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  1. Speed: We can send many things through whatsapp like image, videos, location, and contact etc. very easily. Its speed is very fast to send image and many more things.


  1. Send whatsapp conversation to someone:You can send entire conversation using whatsapp via email. In android click on Menu option in a conversation and select Email conversation then after entering recipient’s email address it will create an email with whole text including audio, video and pics.


  1. Privacy: whatsapp has great privacy option. We can or cannot share our last seen, profile pic and status.

  1. Audio,Video & pictures sharing : we can easily send videos and pictures in whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp can send more than 16 Mb’s video that is not possible in all other messenger. We can also send audio records using whatsapp.
  2. Share contact and location: In whatsapp we can send our location to any our contacts. We can also share our contact from contact book.

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