How to solve memory and battery life problems

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In now days most of the peoples have android phones and most of the peoples have the same problem” low memory of ram” with the this problem sometimes phone get hang, running applications suddenly stop and many more unwanted things happened. Generally in android phones has 512 MB or 1GB RAM space. But sometimes it gets very less.

Some tips to solve memory problem…………

  • In the android phones SD card is already installed. SD card has own memory. Some phones have 2GB or some phones have 4 GB. That memory is enough to manage our application or songs and other media.
  • Every application of the android phones firstly installed in phone memory. But many of the applications can be move to SD card. So we should move the application to the SD card. Some of the application can’t be move to SD card

To move apps to your SD card: – click on your MENU button->setting->Applications->Manage Applications->Select an app->Move to SD card.

  • We should move all media (pictures, videos etc.) to external SD card (memory card), so that our internal storage remains cleans. Because every new application firstly installed in phone memory. If we don’t have to enough space then new application can’t be install.
  • We should delete browser history, market history and cache memory etc. Because history also occupy phone memory


  • Sometimes we install many unnecessary applications and we don’t use for long time. But that application also consumes ram memory and phone memory. So we should uninstall those applications that we don’t use.
  • In the Google play store many ram booster applications are available. We can also install those applications to solve these problems. But those applications are also occupy space in our android phones


Some tips to increase battery life of our android phones……

In now days most of the peoples have android phones and most of the peoples are facing same problem of battery backup. In the android phones battery backup is low but with the help of below tips we can increase our battery life.


  • Don’t use live wallpapers or themes and we should also turning off widgets. Because live wallpapers consume more memory than simple wallpapers. So we should avoid live wallpapers and use simple wallpapers in our android phones. It helps to increase battery life.
  • Your screen brightness has a big impact on your battery.We should keep low brightness of our android phones. With the help of this we can increase battery life of our android phones.
  • We should use power saving mode most Android phones manufacturers have added some feature of power-saving mode. We can automatically hobble your phone’s features or shut down those applications when your battery dwindles below a predetermined level.
  • We should on our data pack or Wi-Fi only when you are using internet and don’t use the phone while charging. Because it also reduce the battery life.


I hope these tips will be helping you. Any enquiry please comment below……………………….

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